Talent acquisition is the ongoing cycle of process related to attracting, sourcing, recruiting and hiring employees within an organisation. For employing staff, there are rules regarding:

In some cases, the Employer may be eligible for a subsidy for hiring staff when, for instance, the Employee is partially unfit for work or someone who is unemployed. Before you can employ employees, make sure your company is registered with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Employment Agreement

Employees are employed on the basis of an Employment Agreement for a fixed or an indefinite (permanent) term. The Employment Agreement is recorded in writing subject to the statutory requirements and the Employee will receive a copy of the written Employment Agreement.The employment contract, made in duplicate, contains all necessary data regarding law and regulations. Immediately on the start date the Employee is informed about all the relevant personnel procedures included rights and obligations. An Employment Agreement is entered into for a fixed term or an indefinite term. Each individual Employment Agreement will stipulate the type of employment applicable. If this is not stipulated in the Employment Agreement, it will be assumed that the employment has been entered into for an indefinite term. Should there be a permanent change in job position, the employee will receive written confirmation stating the change and the date on which this change took effect.

Probation period

The Employer and Employee may agree an employment probation period when allowed by law and regulations. Within that period, each party may – without notice and without dismissal, terminate the contract.


The integration of a new hire is critical. As a manager, it’s important to understand that for someone starting a new job (regardless of experience level) it can be stressful and come with a varying degree of emotions. It’s up to you, as a leader, to ease the transition by following a specific onboarding plan to transition your new hire into his/her new role. We can support your company to draft helpful information (work activities first 90 days), integration plan, onboarding guides and other useful resources for managers. These documents are to acquaint new employees in your organisation and to help them understand the strategic and operational focus of their role.