About Us

HRM Netherlands Platform is a digital HR portal and knowledge platform owned by Human in Progress. This platform is for decision-makers, business owners and Human Resources professionals.

We have set the professional standard for companies expanding or relocating to the Netherlands. The country is the gateway to Europe and accelerating business growth is important by focusing on Human Capital as they are the drivers of every organisation.

The content focuses on employee engagement, Human Resources and employment law, all through the lens of entrepreneurship. We are the only and exclusive platform, providing HR practices in the Netherlands in English in one place!

Human in Progress is focused on developing and delivering innovative solutions to empower people to grow the business. Our HR solutions are supporting international organisations in the Netherlands. The services offered are in areas such as HR Strategy, Policy & Process Excellence, Works Council Governance & Compliance. The consulting experiences in medium and large companies include Fortune 500 organisations, international companies and startups.

What sets us apart is a unique combination of People & Culture experience, simplification of processes and technology.

Marieke Stoop is a multi-talented entrepreneur and author specialised in the fields of Human Resources.  She is the founder and Managing Director of Human in Progress since 2009.




One single HR Hub

Access the HR Hub for Human Resources information when employing staff in the Netherlands. We provide one single HR platform with tools, advice and services.


Growth & Empowerment

Business success occurs by growing and empowering HR professionals. We support international business owners and HR professionals.


New HR Ways of Working

Today’s economy and the new generation of employees, forces businesses to innovate. Our new HR ways of working create more fulfilment, time and profit.