About Us

The HR Portal NL is a digital HR portal / knowledge platform owned by Human In Progress a global HR Consulting company focused on achieving HR transformation. The consulting experiences in medium and large companies include Fortune 500 organisations, international companies and startups.

The end-to-end HR Transformation Services include Change Management, Policy & Process Excellence, HR Information Technology (HRIS), HR Service Delivery Models Support. With over 10 years of hard work and commitment, making a real difference in The Netherlands, the organisation has expanded services and geographic scope in Europe, U.S. and Australia.

Marieke Stoop is a multi-talented Entrepreneur, HR Transformation Specialist and Author specialised in the fields of Human Resources and Leadership.  She is the founder and CEO of Human In Progress since 2009.

This platform is for decision-makers, business owners, Human Resources professionals and employees. We have set the professional standard for companies expanding or relocating to The Netherlands. Holland is the gateway of Europe and to accelerate business growth it is important to focus on Human Capital as they are the drivers of every organisation.

The content focuses on Employee Engagement, Human Resources and Dutch Employment Law, all through the lens of Entrepreneurship. We are the only and exclusive platform providing HR Practices in the Netherlands in English in one place!


One single HR Hub

Providing one single HR source for tools, advice and services in The Netherlands. To been seen as the HR Hub to go to for Human Resources information when employing staff in The Netherlands. Our main goal is to support organisations and professionals through best HR practices, services and partnership. The information provided is for free and by giving to the HR community we will receive.

Growth & Empowerment

Business success will occur by growing and empowering HR professionals. We are engaging decision-makers, business owners and HR professionals by enabling interaction through information to influence and advance the HR profession in The Netherlands at an international level.

New HR Ways of Working

The foundation for this website is today’s economy and the new generation of employees forcing HR to develop new ways of working. This include HR Operating and Service Delivery Models. The renewed HR way of working will create more fulfilment, time, revenue, profit and is based upon 2 elements: We stand for simplicity and we focus on Human Capital.