Local and Global HR Policies and Directives

As part of the employment there are Human Resources policies and directives that govern the way a company works. These policies could include:

Workplace Policies:

  • Nondiscrimination and Anti-harassment
  • Threats and Acts of violence in the workplace

Health Policies:

  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Dutch Tobacco Act

Career Policies:

  • Internal Talent Movement
  • Workforce separations

To specify also more local specifics directives and policies in the Netherlands, an employee handbook can be part of the employment agreement. The employee handbook also captures employment conditions and staff regulations. In case the organisation has a Works Council it will imply as of changing terms of employment, rules and policies this is subject to Works Council’s consent.

The employee handbook will provide information about:

  • Employment
    Explanatory on legal employment agreement types notice period, termination procedures and local legal rules and information about Whistleblower Procedure The Netherlands.
  • Income and benefits
    Information around compensation, allowances, employee benefits and more.
  • Health & Wellness
    Procedures and protocols around Sickness, Health Checks and more.
  • Life & Work
    Policies and regulations by law regarding working hours, all types of leaves and statutory leave arrangements and other local law HR specifics.

We can assist and support you with the employee handbook and other policies. Contact us.