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After the end of the employment contract, upon request of the Employee, the Employer in the Netherlands is obliged to provide the employee with a Reference Letter. Read what is required by law to include in this letter. READ MORE
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Employee Benefits

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The Dutch pension system is consists of 3 pillars:
  • General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW) or Dutch State Pension
  • Company Pension Plan (most common is Defined Contribution Pension Plan)
  • Private Pension Plans
  • The AOW or Dutch State Pension
The AOW or Dutch state pension consist of a compulsory tax and social security contributions made by all residents living in the Netherlands. The State Pension provides a basic income, the level of which is linked to the statutory minimum wage. The AOW is often supplemented by a Company Pension Plan.
  • Company Pension Plan
The company Pension Plan consist of a joint contributions from employer and employee. The Pension Plan is provided by an external pension provider. The most common Pension Plan is the DC (Defined Contribution) scheme. This is where retirement income will depend on savings pots accumulated by individuals throughout their working lives.
  • Private Pension Plans
Any individuals may choose to supplement to their Dutch pension via voluntary contributions to a private pension fund, which are typically offered by banks and insurance companies. Find the latest news about the pension reform. READ MORE

Leaves of Absence

In the Netherlands there are statutory Leaves of Absence and Special Leave. The Special Leave of Absence is not based on law, but on general country specific common practice. READ MORE
Each company has to have a Sickness Absence Policy outlining the expectations and obligations of Employer and Employee during Sickness Absence, in accordance with the Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act. Read more on the Sickness Absence page.
The Employer is obliged by law to continue payment during the first year and second year of Sickness Absence. The Employer will have to continue payment in total for 104 weeks. Read more on the Sickness Absence page to find out what the percentage of payment in each year.
By law, the 8% holiday allowance is calculated over 1 year and is based on the total gross annual salary. Total gross annual salary means in this respect, the annual gross salary excluding benefits (bonus, travel allowance etc.), but including overtime payment/salary. This ruling is set in place since 1 Jan. 2018. Prior to 1 Jan. 2018 the the holiday allowance was calculated on the total annual gross salary excluding benefits and excluding overtime.

If the company has a Collective Labour Agreement, it could be possible to deviate from this ruling - however the holiday allowance percentage can never be lower than 8%, higher is possible. The pay out of the holiday allowance to the employee has to processed by law minimal 1 time a year. For more information: Visit the Compensation page

1. Health & Safety - Illness of employees: Occupational Health & Safety Service. By law an Employer has to have a service provider dealing with illness of employees (absenteeism guidance). This external third-party services provider is called in Dutch ARBODIENST and by law every company who has employees has to have a contract with an Arbodienst vendor.

2. Health & Safety: Emergency Assistance - BHV. The Working Conditions Act obliges the employer to seek assistance of employee or employees in the building who have been designated as Emergency Response Officers (EROs).

3. Health & Safety: Risk, Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E). The Working Conditions Act also requires every employer to conduct a health and safety policy aimed to an optimal working condition for employees. Providing a safe and healthy workplace starts with getting an understanding of the risks. A Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) enables to improve working conditions.

4. Health & Safety Office Supplies. The office materials – e.g. desks and chairs need to follow a European standard and a Dutch ergonomic standard. The Netherlands ergonomic standards – of e.g. how the desk and chairs need to be vary in heights etc. is called in Dutch ARBO normen.

5. Health & Safety Building requirements. Of course, the building has to have the right requirements as of emergences and fires by law. E.g. building floor plans, emergency plans etc. Rules by law have to be set in place and there are a lot of external party vendors who can support in this matter.

6. Health & Safety Prevention Officer. The employer also has to appoint a Health & Safety Prevention Officer – responsible for health & safety in the office.

7. Health & Safety - QHSE Manager. In addition the company also can appoint a QHSE manager - Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Manager.

More information can be found here on the Employment Conditions page and on the Leave of Absence page in regard to Sickness Absence.

Works Council

The Works Council is an internal body representing employees, and has consultation rights in respect of certain significant proposed management decisions and approval rights in respects of intended decisions regarding certain employment policies. READ MORE
Yes, at the Human in Progress Academy we design, develop and deliver courses to learn more about the Works Council. The courses are available for Works Council members, General Managers, Executives and HR Professionals. BROWSE ALL COURSES